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reading manga on kindle

One question I’m frequently asked is, “Can you read Manga on Kindle?” Well, I can answer that with a resounding “yes!” Having been an avid manga reader and Kindle user for years, I can share my personal experiences with you on how to make the most of this fantastic combination.

How to Read Manga On Kindle

There are several ways to enjoy manga on your Kindle, and I’ve tried them all. Let me walk you through the options:

Kindle Store

Kindle Store

The most straightforward method is to buy manga from the Kindle Store. As a manga enthusiast, I’ve found Kindle versions of popular titles like “Attack on Titan,” “Death Note,” and “Naruto” readily available. If you’re an avid reader, consider signing up for Kindle Unlimited, where you can access thousands of e-books. Amazon Prime members can also grab a free book from Prime Reading every month, which includes manga and magazines.


Sync Your Comixology And Kindle Library

I’ve personally used the ComiXology app, which is a digital comics platform owned by Amazon. It’s available on both iOS and Android and offers a wide range of digital comics, including manga. The beauty of ComiXology is that your purchased books sync seamlessly with your Kindle library. To make it appear on your Kindle device, visit the “Content and Devices” page and send it to your registered device.

Libby By Overdrive (United States Only)

While this service is limited to the United States, I have friends who have used Libby by OverDrive to borrow e-books from their local libraries and read them on their Kindle. It’s a fantastic option for manga fans in the US, but you’ll need to sign up with your local library to access the service. To learn more about it, read this article titled “How to Get Libby on Kindle”.

Purchase Manga From Author’s Website

Some manga creators sell their work directly through their websites. This option lets you support your favorite authors while enjoying their work on your Kindle. It’s a unique way to connect with creators.

My Reading Experience of Manga on Kindle

My Reading Experience of Manga on Kindle

Let me tell you about the sheer joy of reading manga on a Kindle. The device’s superb screen displays manga beautifully in black and white. It’s lightweight and comfortable to hold for extended reading sessions, and the built-in light means you can read manga anywhere, even in dimly lit places.

One standout advantage is the convenience of carrying a vast manga library without the weight of physical books. With thousands of manga titles available in Kindle’s digital library, there’s always something to suit your taste. Plus, if you’re following a series, getting the latest volumes is a breeze.

Another highlight is Amazon’s Whispersync technology. It keeps your reading progress synchronized across devices. So, if you start reading on your Kindle Fire and switch to your Kindle e-reader or smartphone, you pick up right where you left off.

In my opinion, Kindle offers decent manga-reading experience, thanks to its excellent screen, lightweight design, and convenient features.

Reading Manga On Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen) Vs. Kindle Scribe

Now, let’s talk about the choice between the Kindle Paperwhite (11th gen) and Kindle Scribe for manga enthusiasts.

The Paperwhite is the budget-friendly option. It’s compact and lightweight, making it perfect for on-the-go reading. Its 6.8-inch glare-free display ensures crisp visuals, and the 300 ppi resolution guarantees clear text and images. With 17 adjustable LED front lights, you can read comfortably in any lighting conditions.

On the other hand, the Kindle Scribe, albeit pricier, provides an even more immersive experience. Its 10.2-inch glare-free display is larger and perfect for reading manga. With a 300 ppi resolution and 35 LED front lights, it ensures top-notch visuals. Additionally, it features an adjustable warm light to cater to your reading environment.

The big display of the Kindle Scribe is a dream come true for any manga reader, making it the ideal choice for manga enthusiasts. Unfortunately, unlike the Paperwhite, the Kindle Scribe lacks an IPX8 rating.

In my experience, if you’re looking for the best manga-reading experience and don’t mind the cost, the Kindle Scribe is the way to go. However, the Paperwhite is an excellent choice for budget-conscious readers who still want a fantastic manga experience on a smaller, portable device.

How to Transfer And Convert Manga on Kindle

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of transferring and converting manga for your Kindle.


Emailing manga to your Kindle is another method I’ve used successfully. Send it to your Kindle’s email address, and it’ll appear in your Kindle library.

Send To Kindle App For Windows

I’ve found the “Send to Kindle” app for Windows to be particularly useful, especially when it comes to sending manga to my Kindle from my computer. Simply connect your Kindle via USB, select the manga files, open the “Send To Kindle” app, and drop the files. It’s an easy and efficient process.

Calibre Software

Calibre is a free e-book manager I’ve extensively used. To use Calibre, first, download and install the software on your computer. Then, connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cable.

Once Calibre recognizes your Kindle, click on the “Add books” button and select the manga files you wish to convert and transfer. Now, click the “Convert books” button and choose your desired e-pub/kfx format. Finally, use the “send to device” option to transfer your manga to your Kindle.

Kindle Comic Converter

This tool is excellent for converting images or CBR/CBZ files into e-Pub/AZW3 formats, which are suitable for Kindle. Once converted, simply copy the files to your Kindle’s document folder or use Calibre to transfer your file.

Can You Read Manga On Kindle Browser?

The simple answer is no. The Kindle web browser is primitive and cannot display comics or images well. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a satisfactory reading experience for manga or books using the Kindle web browser. I would not recommend using the Kindle web browser for reading manga or books from websites like MangaPlus or other content-heavy websites.

However, if you still want to try it, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Kindle’s home screen.
  2. Tap the three dots.
  3. Select “Web Browser” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the URL of the manga site you want to visit in the address bar.
  5. Once the site loads, select the chapter you want to read.
  6. The chapter will open in the Kindle’s web browser.
Kindle's Web Browser

Is Kindle Oasis Good For Manga?

Manga On Kindle Oasis

Yes, the Kindle Oasis is an excellent device for reading manga. It boasts a large 7″ glare-free 300 ppi high-resolution display that is perfect for viewing comics and graphic novels. Additionally, the page turn buttons and built-in light make it easy to read in any environment, even in low light.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying favorite manga stories on Kindle is a terrific experience. Additionally, it’s more convenient than carrying around physical books. So, if you’re a manga fan like me, give Kindle a try.

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