The 5 Most Interesting Features Of Kindle Scribe




the 5 most interesting features of kindle scribe

There are numerous cool features that Kindle Scribe possesses, which can enhance your productivity and creativity. In this article, I will showcase five interesting features that are sure to surprise you.

Continue reading to discover some fascinating features of Kindle Scribe.

5 Most Interesting Features

Palm Rejection

Palm Rejection

Kindle Scribe is designed with palm rejection technology. Palm rejection refers to the ability of the device to distinguish between intentional touch input from a stylus or finger and accidental touch input from the palm or other parts of the hand resting on the screen. 

The Kindle scribe uses a technology called EMR by Wacom. It creates a small magnetic field above the screen. The Pen works with this magnetic field. Your hand is not magnetic, so if you touch the screen with your hand, it probably won’t detect it as if you were using the Pen.

With palm rejection, the Kindle Scribe provides a more natural and comfortable writing experience, similar to writing on paper.

Convert Your Handwriting To Text

Convert Your Handwriting To Text

Kindle Scribe has a handwriting-to-text conversion feature. This functionality allows you to convert your handwritten notes into digital text.

You can write notes on the tablet’s screen using the stylus pen when using the Kindle Scribe. Afterward, you go to the export button in your notebook to convert the handwriting text. The tablet utilizes advanced handwriting recognition technology to analyze and convert your handwriting into editable text. 

Previously On Scribe, you could only email your notebook pages as a PDF. Now, there are two additional options. 

The first option is “quick send,” which converts all your writing to digital text and sends it as an email attachment. The quick send feature is easy to use but works best if your handwriting is clear.

The second option lets you preview and edit the conversion before sending the file. The preview screen lets you review each page and ensure the conversion is accurate. Sometimes, the conversion may have errors if your handwriting is difficult to read, so reviewing and editing is helpful before sending. 

This feature is designed for simple handwriting and not for drawings or sketches. It is particularly useful for those who need to share their handwritten notes in a digital format.

However, it only converts handwriting in notebooks, not in other areas like sticky notes or attached notes to highlights. It’s a great addition, but it would be even better if the conversion feature worked outside the notebook section.

Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure Sensitivity

Kindle Scribe offers pressure sensitivity for a more natural and responsive writing and drawing experience. The pressure sensitivity allows you to vary the thickness of lines and strokes based on how firmly you press down with the stylus, giving you greater control over your digital penmanship.

To utilize this feature, Kindle Scribe offers four types of pens and a highlighter: Pen, Fountain Pen (Calligraphy Pen), Marker/Highlighter, and 


The Pen offers slight pressure sensitivity and various thickness options. Conversely, the fountain pen features a calligraphy nib, resulting in varying thicknesses depending on the stroke direction.

The marker and pencil utilize pressure sensitivity, allowing the screen to capture light and heavy strokes. Furthermore, the pencil includes textured brush shapes, pressure sensitivity, and tilt functionality, making it an excellent tool for drawing.

No Charging is Required For the Kindle Scribe Pen

Amazon Kindle Scribe pen does not require charging. It uses an EMR Pen Technology that does not rely on batteries or charging. The Pen operates using electromagnetic resonance from the tablet’s display, which detects the Pen’s movements and pressure without the need for a power source. This design allows the Pen to be always ready for use without the hassle of recharging. It can be used right out of the box without needing to sync them to the device.

Although the Kindle Scribe comes with two types of pens—the basic Pen and the premium Pen—they are very similar in how they feel and are held. Furthermore, the materials used are the same, and the weight only differs slightly.

However, the basic Pen lacks a dedicated eraser on top, and the shortcut button is missing on the side of the Pen. Additionally, its performance is the same as the premium pen, as it utilizes the same technology.

Web Browser 

Web Browser

The Kindle Scribe comes with a built-in web browser. However, the browsing experience could be better. Nonetheless, a feature called “article mode” can be somewhat usable, although the font size may be a bit small. When you swipe up, the text will scroll. A short swipe scrolls a few lines, while a long swipe scrolls approximately half the screen. However, it doesn’t scroll to full screen at once.

In reality, the browser is still limited. It can only access simple websites and Amazon’s shopping sites. You can, however, directly download certain files from websites using the web browser.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as Amazon continuously adds new features to Kindle Scribe, this blog post will be regularly updated. Remember to bookmark it now for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kindle Scribe have wireless charging?

No, the kindle scribe does not have built-in wireless charging capabilities. It relies on a USB-C cable to charge its battery. It takes about 7 hours to fully charge when connected to a computer using a USB-C cable. If you use a 9W USB-C power adapter, it will fully charge in around 2.5 hours.

Does Kindle Scribe have built-in speakers?

No, the Kindle Scribe does not have built-in speakers. It is primarily an e-reader for reading and writing and does not include audio playback capabilities. You’ll need a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headset to listen to audiobooks.

Is the Kindle Scribe waterproof?

No, the Kindle Scribe is not waterproof. It is always advisable to avoid exposing the Kindle Scribe to water or excessive moisture to prevent any damage to the device. While it may withstand some light splashes or accidental spills, it is not fully waterproof or submersible. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend taking it to the beach, pool, or tub.

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