Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus: Which is Better?




Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus

It is true that the Amazon Fire Max 11 is the most powerful and largest tablet ever released by Amazon. It has surpassed the Fire HD 10 Plus in terms of display, processor, and storage. But, is the Fire Max 11 really worth the upgrade over the Fire HD 10 Plus? Let’s find out.

Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus (2021) Comparison: An Overview

Here’s a specifications table comparing the Amazon Fire Max 11 and Fire HD 10 Plus:

SpecificationsAmazon Fire Max 11Fire HD 10 Plus (2021)
Display11.0 inches IPS LCD, 2000 x 1200 pixels10.1 inches IPS LCD, 1920 x 1200 pixels
ProcessorMediatek MT8188JMediatek MT8183 Helio P60T (12 nm)
GPUMali-G57 MC2Mali-G72 MP3
Storage128GB64GB 4GB
Rear Camera8 MP5MP
Front Camera8MP2MP
Battery7,500mAhUp to 12 hours
Operating SystemAndroid 11, Fire OS 8Android 9.0 (Pie), Fire OS 7
ConnectivityUSB Type-C 2.0, OTG, magnetic accessory connectorUSB Type-C 2.0, OTG
3.5mm JackN/AYes
Dimensions259.1 x 163.7 x 7.5 mm247 x 166 x 9.2 mm
Weight17.28oz (490 grams)16.5 oz (468 grams)
Special FeaturesCompatible with Smart Keyboard, Stylus supportN/A
PricingCheck PriceCheck Price
Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus Comparison Table


Fire Max 11

The Fire Max 11 exudes a premium feel with its aluminum unibody construction. Its square-sided design and narrow bezel thickness around the screen give it a modern look, similar to the iPad 10th-gen. Holding it, I could feel the solid build quality, which is a step up from the plastic chassis of the Fire HD 10 Plus.

The stylus support was also a game-changer for me, especially during note-taking and sketching sessions. The inclusion of five Pogo pads on the bottom allows for easy attachment of the keyboard accessory, enhancing productivity on the go.

Fire HD 10 Plus 

In contrast, the Fire HD 10 Plus felt lighter and more comfortable to hold for extended periods, thanks to its plastic construction. The soft-touch finish on the back provided a good grip, which is essential when using the tablet one-handed. Although it lacks the premium feel of the Fire Max 11, its lightweight design is a plus for portability.


Fire Max 11

The 11.0-inch IPS LCD display of the Fire Max 11 is vibrant, with a maximum brightness of 410 nits. Watching movies on this tablet was a delight, thanks to its fully laminated 2000 x 1200 resolution display. Colors were more vivid, and the contrast was noticeably better compared to the Fire HD 10 Plus.

Fire HD 10 Plus

The Fire HD 10 Plus, with its 10.1-inch display, still offers sharp visuals at 1920 x 1200 resolution. However, I found the brightness slightly lower, maxing out at 403 nits. While both tablets support Netflix and Full HD playback, the Fire Max 11’s display quality gave it an edge during my binge-watching sessions.

Information Alert: Both tablets support Netflix and Full HD playback.


DeviceSingle-Core ScoreMulti-Core Score
Amazon Fire Max 119462320
Fire HD 10 Plus3051048
Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus Geekbench Scores

Fire Max 11

Equipped with the MediaTek MT8188J, the Fire Max 11 showed off its superior performance in multitasking and light gaming.

The MT8188J has eight cores, enabling 25% higher CPU performance than the Fire HD 10 Plus 2021. It consists of two ARM Cortex-A78 cores clocked up to 2.2 GHz and six ARM Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 2 GHz.

I ran several apps simultaneously and experienced smooth transitions, thanks to its eight-core architecture. However, the difference may not be significant for regular software usage.

Fire HD 10 Plus

The Fire HD 10 Plus, with its MediaTek MT8183 processor, handled everyday tasks like web browsing and streaming without hiccups. On Geekbench 5, the Fire HD 10 Plus scored 1048, while the Amazon Fire Max 11 scored 2320.

During heavy tasks, I noticed a slight lag compared to the Fire Max 11. For everyday tasks, it’s sufficient, but for intensive sessions, the Fire Max 11 is the better choice.

Gaming Performance

Fire Max 11

As a gaming enthusiast, the Fire Max 11 did not disappoint. It handles popular Android games like Minecraft, Diablo Immortal, and Call of Duty Mobile on low/ medium settings with ease, even supporting game controllers for enhanced gameplay.

It managed to run Genshin Impact decently on low settings, a feat not many budget tablets achieve. The ability to emulate PSP and GameCube games was a pleasant surprise, expanding its gaming capabilities beyond typical Android games.

GameGraphics SettingFPSExperience
Diablo ImmortalLow30 Playable
Call of Duty MobileMedium60Smooth
Genshin ImpactLow30Playable but you’ll see shatter every once in a while
Amazon Fire Max 11 Gaming Performance Benchmark Table

Fire HD 10 Plus

The Fire HD 10 Plus performed admirably in light gaming but struggled with more graphically intense titles like Minecraft, PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, and Genshin Impact. While playable, the experience wasn’t as fluid as on the Fire Max 11, making the Fire Max 11 more suitable for serious gamers.

The Geekbench scores of the Fire HD 10 Plus for single-core and multi-core are 305 and 1093, respectively. In the 3DMark Sling Shot test, the tablet achieved a score of 1105, showcasing the reason for its poor gaming performance.

Information Alert: It should be noted that not all games from the Google Play Store are available on Amazon’s app store for both devices. While workarounds exist, having access to the Google Play Store out of the box is preferable.

Software & Features

Fire Max 11

Running on FireOS 8, based on Android 11, the Fire Max 11 felt snappier with the latest software updates. The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner on the power button was a thoughtful addition, enhancing security and convenience. However, it lacks support for wireless charging through a dock, unlike the Fire HD 10 Plus.

Fire HD 10 Plus

The Fire HD 10 Plus, with FireOS 7 based on Android 9 Pie, felt slightly dated in comparison. However, its support for wireless charging was a feature I missed on the Fire Max 11. The convenience of just placing it on a dock to charge was a significant plus.

On the contrary, Fire HD 10 Plus does not have a fingerprint scanner on the power button.


Fire Max 11

With dual stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos, the Fire Max 11 delivered rich, immersive audio. Watching movies and listening to music was a treat, although it wasn’t the loudest tablet I’ve tested.

Fire HD 10 Plus

The audio quality on the Fire HD 10 Plus was decent, but it lacked the depth and clarity of the Fire Max 11. For casual listening, it’s fine, but audiophiles might prefer the Max 11.


Fire Max 11

The 8MP cameras on the Fire Max 11, both front and rear, were idecent for a tablet in this price range. Video calls on Zoom were clear, and the higher resolution made a noticeable difference compared to the Fire HD 10 Plus.

Fire HD 10 Plus

The Fire HD 10 Plus’s 2MP front and 5MP rear cameras were serviceable for basic tasks. The cameras offer 720p video recording. However, for anything beyond casual use, the Fire Max 11’s cameras are the better option.

Battery Life 

Fire Max 11 

In my daily use, the Fire Max 11 consistently lasted over 10 hours, even with mixed usage involving streaming, browsing, and gaming. This makes it a reliable companion for long trips or full workdays.

Fire HD 10 Plus

The Fire HD 10 Plus also offered good battery life, clocking in at around eight and a half hours. While sufficient for most daily activities, it falls short of the Fire Max 11’s endurance.

Pricing & Storage

Fire Max 11

Priced at $229.99, the Fire Max 11 offers substantial value with 64GB of base storage, expandable up to 1TB. This was particularly useful for me, as I prefer storing a lot of media and apps locally.

Fire HD 10 Plus

Starting at $180, the Fire HD 10 Plus is the more affordable option. However, with only 32GB in the base model, I found myself needing to manage storage more frequently. The expansion option to 1TB is a redeeming factor.

Information Alert: Both tablets come with lock screen ads, but you have the option to pay extra to remove them.

Final Thoughts

Both the spec sheet and real-life use indicate that the Fire Max 11 is the better choice between these two tablets. Its sleek design, superior display, and enhanced performance make it a compelling option for users seeking a high-performing tablet.

However, if you prioritize a lightweight and more affordable basic tablet, the Fire HD 10 Plus is still a solid choice. It remains a strong contender in its own right.

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