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LOC on Kindle

Loc on Kindle, which stands for “location,” is an innovative replacement for traditional page numbers in e-books. Loc helps you track your progress in a Kindle e-book. But it’s based on the content size, not the number of characters or words you see on the screen.

How Loc Works On Kindle?

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Loc works on a Kindle device. In contrast to page numbers, which can be influenced by font size changes, Loc relies on the byte count within the e-book file. It’s a fixed reference system, with each Loc representing approximately 25 words of text. Even if the words on your screen appear unchanged, your Location advances by 1 every time you’ve read about 128 bytes of content.

To put this into perspective, imagine a traditional paper book page equivalent to 10-20 Locs in a Kindle book. This stability ensures you can confidently cite specific sections of a Kindle book, no matter how you customize your reading experience.

Loc And Kindle Features

But Kindle doesn’t stop at simply implementing Loc; it leverages this feature to elevate your reading journey. Here are some of the ways Kindle makes use of Loc to enhance your experience:

Reading Progress: Kindle displays your reading progress in terms of Loc, providing a clear indication of how far you’ve ventured into the book.

Percentage Read: Kindle calculates the percentage of the book you’ve read, offering a broader perspective of your progress.

Loc Vs. Page Numbers

One of the primary distinctions between Loc and traditional page numbers is their stability. Page numbers can be as elusive as they are familiar. They change with font size adjustments and screen settings, making them less reliable for pinpointing specific content. On the other hand, Loc provides a steadfast reference point, ensuring you can always return to the same spot, regardless of how you customize your reading experience.

Pros And Cons Of Loc

Using Loc as a reference point has its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Loc remains stable across different display settings.
  • It allows for precise referencing within e-books.
  • It works for all Kindle books, regardless of whether they include embedded page numbers.


  • Some readers prefer traditional page numbers for a more familiar reading experience.
  • Loc doesn’t provide contextual information about a book’s length or chapter divisions.

Why Some Still Crave Page Numbers?

While Loc is the default reference point on Kindle, some readers still prefer to see page numbers, especially when they want to replicate the feel of reading a physical book. Page numbers offer a sense of familiarity, and the good news is that Kindle provides an option to display them if the book includes embedded page number information.

How To Show Page Numbers On Kindle?

How To Show Page Numbers On Kindle

If you’re one of those readers who prefer page numbers, here’s how you can enable them:

  • Tap on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the upper and lower case “Aa” icons.
  • Make sure the “More” tab is highlighted.
  • Tap on “Reading Progress.”
  • Choose “Page in Book.”

Following these steps, you can display page numbers at the screen’s bottom left corner while reading. This setting may also display the estimated time left in the chapter, a handy feature for some readers.

Why Do Some Kindle Books Lack Page Numbers?

It’s essential to note that not all Kindle books have embedded page number information. Whether page numbers are available depends on the publisher’s decision and the e-book’s formatting. If a book lacks embedded page numbers, Kindle defaults to displaying Loc.

Real Page Numbers: Bridging the Digital-Print Gap

Sometimes, publishers go the extra mile by including “real” page numbers in Kindle books. These page numbers correspond to a specific paper edition of the book. This feature aims to bridge the gap between digital and print reading experiences. On Kindle, readers can choose to display these page numbers by tapping the lower left corner of the page or accessing the “Aa” display options page.

Why Can’t I Get Page Numbers On Sideloaded Books?

You may not see page numbers on sideloaded books on your Kindle device because these books are often treated as “documents” in the Kindle library and may not display page numbers by default. 

You can enable page numbers on sideloaded books using Caliber, a widely used e-book management tool.

To get page numbers on sideloaded books:

  1. Connect your Kindle device to your computer.
  2. Transfer the sideloaded books to Calibre.
  3. In Calibre, convert the books to the KFX format with embedded reference pages.

After converting the books, send them back to your Kindle device. This process may involve a few additional steps, but it allows you to enjoy the convenience of page numbers on your sideloaded content.

Final thoughts

Loc is a unique and invaluable feature of Kindle that provides a stable reference point within e-books. While some readers may cling to the nostalgia of page numbers, Loc offers precision, consistency, and the freedom to customize your reading experience.

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