Are Magnetic Covers Safe for Kindle?



Are Magnetic Covers Safe for Kindle

Magnetic covers for Kindle devices are designed to provide convenience and protection without damaging the device. The general consensus among users and experts is that the magnetic covers are safe and do not harm the device. They are designed to be strong enough to trigger the device’s sensors without causing any adverse effects. The safety of magnetic covers has been a topic of discussion. Still, technology has advanced to the point where the magnets used in these cases are not strong enough to damage electronic devices like Kindles.

How Does a Magnetic Cover Work for Kindle?

Magnetic covers have magnets embedded in the case’s foldable front flap or spine. These magnets align with sensors inside the Kindle device that detect when the cover is opened or closed. The sensors that detect the magnetic field are called Hall effect sensors. They register changes in electromagnetic fields and communicate with the Kindle’s internal hardware to control the power status. 

When the cover is closed, the sensor is aligned with the magnet’s location. It detects the magnetic field and sends a signal to the Kindle’s processor to power down the device into sleep mode. This turns off the screen and other functions until it’s reopened.

Conversely, When you open the case, the magnet moves away from the sensor, causing the field to drop off. The Kindle detects this and powers the screen and components back on in a fraction of a second. It’s a seamless interaction that enhances the user experience.

Kindle basic 10th gen with magnetic cover

Can A Magnetic Cover Cause Any Damage To The Kindle

When magnetic covers for Kindle emerged, there were initial concerns that the magnets could potentially damage the e-reader or cause technical problems. After all, we’re often warned to keep electronics away from magnets. However, these concerns are primarily unfounded when it comes to the weak magnets used in Kindle covers. 

The Hall effect sensors used in the Kindle are explicitly designed to detect magnetic fields safely. The rest of the Kindle’s internal components utilize flash memory and solid-state storage that are immune to magnetic influence. Some older devices with traditional hard disk drives were more susceptible, but modern electronics have little to fear from the relatively weak magnets used in Kindle covers.

There are some isolated reports of certain covers with stronger magnets causing inadvertent sleep/wake cycles or temporary performance issues. But this tended to occur with poorly designed third-party covers that used overly powerful magnets, not official Amazon-branded cases. As long as you stick to reputable products designed specifically for Kindle, magnet interference should not be an issue.

In terms of charging, there have been reports of charging issues with the magnetic covers, but these are more likely due to the fragility of the device’s USB port rather than the magnetic cover itself. The magnetic cover does not affect the device’s ability to charge, and issues with charging are commonly related to wear and tear on the USB port after repeated use.

Kindle with magnatic cover

What are the Benefits of Using Magnetic Covers for Kindle?

Now that we understand how they work, what are the advantages of using a magnetic cover for your Kindle? Here are some of the benefits:

Convenience In Use

Not having to press the power button each time manually saves a bit of time and hassle. Magnetic covers allow faster device activation since you only need to flip them open to wake up the Kindle. This makes your Kindle feel more like a conventional book that you can easily open or close.


The magnets help keep the cover closed when not in use, protecting the Kindle’s screen from scratches, scuffs, and unintended drops.

Power Savings

The battery life is extended by automatically sleeping the Kindle when closed since it’s not actively drawing power with the screen and components on.

Mimics Paper

The automatic wake feature helps the Kindle function more like a printed book regarding quick access and visibility of content when opened.


Many magnetic covers look nice, with attractive colors, textures, and designs. The magnets ensure a seamless look when closed.

Enhanced Functionality

Certain magnetic covers include features like a built-in kickstand for hands-free reading, card pockets for convenience, and a hand-holding strap for secure carrying. These features add to the overall functionality and user experience.

Lightweight And Compact Design

Many magnetic covers are praised for their light and slim profile, which securely holds the Kindle without adding bulk. This makes the device easy to carry in a handbag or backpack, enhancing portability and durability.

Scratch-Resistant And Anti-Fingerprint

The materials used in some magnetic covers, such as PU synthetic or premium PU leather, offer a smooth texture that is scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint, and sturdy. This keeps the Kindle looking new for longer.

Automatic Closure

The magnetic strip ensures the cover closes securely over the Kindle device, protecting it even if you forget to shut it manually. This automatic closure mechanism provides peace of mind, knowing the device remains protected.

Are There Any Downsides To Using A Magnetic Cover For A Kindle

Magnetic covers for Kindle devices are generally safe and do not cause significant harm to the device. However, there are a few potential downsides to consider:

Unwanted Device Activation

Some users may not want their Kindle to turn off just because they close the case, especially if they are moving short distances and plan to continue reading shortly.

Potential Interference

While it’s rare, there have been reports of magnetic cases causing issues with the device, such as random shutdowns. However, these cases are exceptions rather than the rule.


Magnetic covers tend to be pricier than non-magnetic ones. If the automatic on/off feature is not essential to you, a non-magnetic cover could offer the same level of protection at a lower cost.

Charging Issues

There have been isolated reports of charging issues with magnetic covers. However, these issues are more likely due to the fragility of the device’s USB port rather than the magnetic cover itself.

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Best Practices for Safe Use

While the risks are low, you can take a few simple precautions to ensure safe use of magnetic Kindle covers:

  • Only use covers designed specifically for your Kindle model to ensure proper sensor alignment.
  • Avoid leaving your Kindle on the cover for long periods when not in use to minimize potential interference.
  • Keep your Kindle away from other strong magnets like speakers when the cover is on to prevent inadvertent activation.
  • If issues arise, remove the cover and see if problems persist before assuming a device malfunction.
  • Purchase quality covers from reputable brands to prevent overly strong magnet issues.

Alternatives to Magnetic Covers

If you’re concerned about magnets for any reason, there are viable alternatives to magnetic Kindle covers:

Auto Wake Models

Some Origami and Amazon fabric covers are designed to automatically wake the Kindle when opened thanks to folds in the case that trigger the sensor. No magnets are required.

Elastic Strap Covers

These covers use an elastic strap to keep the cover closed, which can be a simple and effective way to secure your Kindle without using magnets. You manually power on and off.

Sleeve Cases

Sleeve cases are a different style altogether. You slide your Kindle in and out of the case. They often have a soft interior to protect the screen and can be made of materials like neoprene or leather. Open sleeves with no closure flaps are ideal for minimalists but don’t offer automatic power control.

Folio Covers

Folio covers are book-like cases that may use a clasp or non-magnetic closure to keep the cover shut. They often have the added benefit of standing the Kindle up for hands-free reading.

Zipper Cases

These cases fully enclose the Kindle and zip up to keep it secure. They can offer additional space for accessories like charging cables and are great for travel.

Rugged Cases

Rugged cases can provide shock absorption without magnets for those needing extra protection. They often have a thicker design and may include features like corner protection and water resistance.

Bookbinding Covers

Some users prefer the aesthetic and feel of a traditional book. Bookbinding covers are crafted to mimic the look of an actual book and can be a unique alternative to magnetic covers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, using a magnetic cover for a Kindle is generally safe and should not cause damage to the device. Just be sure to choose the right magnetic cover for your Kindle generation for the best performance.


Can magnets in a Kindle cover damage the screen?

No, the magnets are too weak to damage the e-ink display screen or other components. The Kindle is designed to work fine with magnetic covers.

Is it wrong to always leave the magnetic cover on my Kindle?

There’s no need to remove the cover for storage. But taking it off periodically can prevent potential sensor interference issues from prolonged contact.

How can I ensure I’m buying a safe magnetic cover for my Kindle?

Look for covers from reputable manufacturers, and check user reviews for any reports of issues. Also, ensure the cover is designed specifically for your Kindle model to guarantee a proper fit and function.

Can I still charge my Kindle while it’s in a magnetic case?

Yes, magnetic cases are designed to allow full access to charging ports and other controls.

Will a magnetic cover interfere with my Kindle’s battery life?

There’s no evidence that magnetic covers affect a Kindle’s battery life. The magnets are typically not strong enough to impact the device’s functionality.

Do magnetic covers drain the Kindle battery faster? 

No, magnetic covers help extend battery life by automatically shutting the Kindle to sleep when closed, saving power.

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